• The Event

    The 2018 Florida 10 Man Open is an event that provides the players the nostalgic fields that represent the early times in where competitive paintball began to become popular. GPXtreme is proud to continue to support the great work that Tim Montressor has done with the Iron City Classic, by following his footsteps and providing a great experience to our participants.

    The event date was selected with considerations that are favorable to enjoy a great weekend. The weather in Florida in January averages in the 70’s degree! We selected a date that offers our participants some off season paintball.

    Our facilities offer recently remodeled and very well maintained private bathrooms. We have a Pro-Shop and we will have vendors at the event as well. We offer food and refreshments at our concession and we will have other vendors at the facility for the weekend. We offer 4500 psi fills.

    While the event allows for anyone to bring their own paint “BYOP”, there is no need for your team to carry boxes of paint to play at our event. We will offer pre-sales of paint at a very low price as well as paint at the event! Stay tuned for additional details on paint deals soon to be released.

    We will offer a traditional 10 Man Woodsball field mostly under the shade provided by a beautiful natural canopy of trees. We will also offer a newly renovated 10 Man Hyperball field that will provide heavy coverage for all sizes and unique strategies. Our most exciting field will be a newly constructed Mounds 10 Man Field. The field layout will be similar to the traditional Packman computer game and for that reason we have named it the “Packman” Mounds Field. The field starts construction on August 26, 2018.

    Overall, the facility is a beautiful facility with 29 acres of recreational fields. It is clean and we have amazing friendly staff. Prepare yourself for a treat should you be able to make this event!