• The Florida 10 Man Event will be offering our teams the hottest paint in the market known as Rage Paintballs! Rage paintballs are made here in Pennsylvania, USA. Rage Paintballs is one of two only manufacturers in the US and they launched their product in Florida in 2017. The balls are round and they are made with virgin products (Not Recycled) to provide the user the best quality controlled process which translates to the perfect paintball.

    This paint was shot at the Iron City Classic and those that shot it will attest to the quality of flight and quality of fill. We will offer this paint to teams that are willing and able to pre-order it. You are only guaranteed availability for what you pre-ordered. If you run out of paint, we will have a few cases on hand for the event available at an additional cost of $5 per case, but once again we do not guarantee availability.

    There are NO REFUNDS, all sales ARE FINAL! 

    You will not be disappointed.