• Event Paint

  • The Florida 10 Man Event will provide the paint for this years this event. We are going to offer you 2 options.

    OPTION 1 - Pre-order event paint on or before January 8th in advance for $35 a case your choice of G.I. 4 Star & 5 Star. Minimum order of 15 cases. Non pre-ordered paint at the event add $5 a case.

    OPTION 2 - Bringing Your Own Paint/BYOP for a premium Fee of $250. Teams choosing this option will need to pre-pay premium by January 8th. If you choose this option we will not sell you paint at the event as we will only bring in paint for teams buying from us.

    Any team caught bringing or shooting offsite paint will be disqualified from the event. Team paint purchases will be recorded and kept track off to ensure compliance to these options.  

  • GI 4 Star Paintballs
    GI 5 Star Paintballs
    BYOP Premium Fee